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Civil Engineering & Construction
Client Relationships
One of the benefits of working with Bardavcol is the opportunity to enter into Partnering and/or Alliance Agreements which has the potential to improve customer focus and project performance in a number of significant ways. Partnering is a relationship based approach which replaces the construction industry’s traditional adversarial practices and attitudes with a new way of conducting business to produce maximum mutual benefit to both constructor and customer. It is a long-term relationship between Bardavcol and a customer for the purpose of achieving specific business objectives by maximising cooperation and the effectiveness of each participant’s resources. The relationship is based upon:
  • trust and honesty
  • dedication to common goals
  • understanding each other’s expectations and values
  • a determination to fulfil business obligations
so that an environment is established in which added value to the project can be generated through innovation, increased quality and higher productivity.

Partnering between our two organisations will simply provide a relationship wherein:
  • trust and openness are norms
  • value is placed on long-term relationships
  • both parties seek win-win solutions.
  • innovation is encouraged
  • open and swift problem solving is enhanced
  • each partner is aware of the other’s needs, concerns and objectives and is interested in helping their partner achieve them
  • it is understood that neither benefits from exploitation of the other
  • overall performance is improved.
The relationship thus created is a positive one with a clear focus on continuous quality improvement and enhanced communication between both parties.

We assure you of our intent to work closely with you in this regard and believe partnering provides a mechanism to formalise our intent. We cite receipt of the MBA Partnering award for the Salisbury Highway South Road Connector Project as evidence of our success with the partnering process and would be pleased to arrange for you to meet and discuss our approach with our clients.

Alliance or Relationship Contracting is a formalised version of Partnering.  Bardavcol and its Clients when working under this form of contract not only utilise all the principles of Partnering but enter into a contractual relationship that creates incentives for both parties by sharing in risks and rewards.  This form of contracting has the potential to deliver the greatest benefits as by definition no party can win at the expense of the other.

As with all contractor/client relationships they really only work when each party has trust, respect, honesty, competence and a willingness to work with the other.