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Civil Engineering & Construction

acknowledges its environmental responsibilities and ensures it meets its obligations by conducting its operations to meet community, legislative and social expectations. We are able to demonstrate this by incorporating practical solutions to:
  • waste management
  • resource usage and recovery
  • pollution prevention
  • air quality
  • recycling
  • pests and diseases
Bardavcol endeavours to assist its customers, employees, suppliers and subcontractors to efficiently use land and resources. A site specific Environmental Plan is developed for all major projects, and through work methods and project plans we ensure project participants:
  • Incorporate materials and technologies which apply a balance between capital and maintenance costs and increase content of materials capable of eventual recycling.
  • Consider the layout and design of projects and the use of local materials to limit energy expenditure on transport of people, materials and product.
  • Consider the resource recovery potential of demolition by-products e.g. broken down concrete and asphalt can be utilised as fill or pavement materials.
  • Encourage the recycling of materials rather than disposing at landfills.
  • Consider the energy consumed in the manufacture of construction material and the subsequent release of pollutants into the environment.
  • Adopt construction practices that reduce water demand, water pollution and to optimise recycling.